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CURVE MAGAZINE: (print) “With a voice hauntingly evocative of Garbage’s Shirley Manson, Vickie’s wryly insightful lyrics are thought-provoking like Le Tigre and Peaches before her.”  

THE GIRLS ARE UK:  Violent Vickie takes to the stage and brings a different kind of energy.  The L.A. based artist, who has a Pseudonym worthy of a punk princess, toys with the audience, casually inviting people up on stage to play the drums.  Cupping the microphone to her lips she declares; “If anyone wants to go-go dance, feel free!” 

Soft, sensual, feminine vocals clash against uncompromising beats and provocative lyrics which are sometimes cynical, but all delivered in a seamless blend of electro pop.  It’s hot and humid upstairs.  The atmosphere is palpable.  “This might be one of those shows where I have to take my shirt off,” Vickie informs the delighted crowd who erupt into emphatic cheers moments before she launches into the seductive ‘Come and Run’.  The song’s powerful, raw, yet playful narrative is reminiscent of electro icon Peaches.  “This is a song about a bad sex experience,” she purrs.  The audience are then treated to the deliciously hedonistic ‘Drugs’, the playfully narcissistic ‘No Me, No Mine, No I’ and the thought-provoking ‘Control’, which holds a cynical mirror up to the Pharmaceutical industry.  As everything leads up to the final song, ‘Lies’, Vickie’s vocals reverberate around the venue and leave the audience breathlessly wanting more.”

YOU’RE ONLY MASSIVE:  Violent Vickie played in Kreuzberg

THE GIRLS ARE UK:  “If you’re a fan of music that has depth, a purpose and pushes right through the boundaries into a brand new, electric world, then Violent Vickie should definitely be on your radar.” 

 SEATTLE STRANGER (print): “Do you like electro-punk, multimedia projections, drum machines, dancing, violence, queers, queer activism, no wave, new wave, Le Tigre, Lady Gaga, Glass Candy, Miss Kitten, real kittens, poetry, lipstick, spandex, baby-doll dresses, heels, sparkles, combat boots, the color pink, drugs, or feminism? If you’ve said yes to two or more of these, then you should probably go to this show by these two new electro artists from San Francisco. ”  

SCREAM QUEENS (print): “Going to a Violent Vickie show allows one to see how punk pesters pop to be something better, to re-imagine itself in a culture [devoid] of lackluster glitz and empty verses.”  

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