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Violent Vickie is a rebellious pit of energy that has the ability to make you feel dirty and gritty, but in a naughty-feel-good way.  Inspired by riot grrrl, electro & industrial music, Vickie programs beats, plays synth and sings, screams & talk-raps with a backdrop of hyper color visuals.

Violent Vickie has toured with Hanin Elias (Atari Teenage Riot) and has shared the stage with The Missing Persons, Trans X, Them Are Us Too, and Mika Miko.  Vickie has toured the US, Europe, and has performed at a variety of festivals.

Violent Vickie’s “Lies” was released by Emerald & Doreen Recordings (Berlin),. “The Scientist” was released on vinyl  by The  LoveCraft Bar (PDX).  The Wolf” was released by Riot Grrrl Berlin and was featured in a NOW (National Organization for Women) film.   She was also interviewed for the documentary “GRRRL”, which was featured in “Alien She”, a riot grrrl exhibit which toured museums.

Violent Vickie has released two music videos: “Drugs”, a catchy, tongue in cheek electro-pop track, in 2012 and “Fuck You”, an homage to riot grrrl, in 2014.  Vickie has toured The West Coast and Europe to support her album “Monster Alley”, voted best album by KALX.  She has collaborated with a variety of instrumentalists and a performance artist for live shows including Cat Scratch, Tyler Holmes, Eriq & Tihani, & Johanna Buccola and is currently putting the finishing touches on her upcoming LP “Division”.